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Knee Replacement Advice, Checklists, and Journal–5 Steps for Successful Recovery Even If You Have Complications: Practical Advice from a Patient

by Alexis Dupree

“A Must-Have for Those Who Are Planning to Undergo Knee Replacement Surgery,” Readers’ Favorite, August 2017

“I am not a medical professional,” Dupree says, “I’m just a patient. So unlike other books on knee replacement, it doesn’t describe the physiology of the knee or provide other medical information. It delivers practical information patients need to know that they probably won’t get from doctors or nurses. I’ve had many surgeries and I’ve learned a great deal along the way.”

The book explains what to do before surgery, what to buy in advance, what and how to set up the patient’s home, and details on how to control pain and swelling. It also includes answers to frequently asked questions and provides helpful tips patients can use during the recovery phase. The last chapter discusses the specific ways life changes after knee replacement surgery, with details on how to handle the changes.

“I built the book around a very clear goal,” Dupree says. “Resume normal life as quickly as possible. I’m very happy my right knee was replaced. The surgery got rid of the excruciating pain and I’m far better than I was before.”

Appendixes include checklists for recording information about orthopedic surgeons, rehabilitation centers (if needed), physical therapy centers, insurance information, home preparation, medical appointments, medicines, and medical log. The second appendix includes a nearly 200-page journal where patients can keep notes during their recovery.


Five-Star Review from Readers’ Favorite

Knee Replacement Advice, Checklists, and Journal: 5 Steps for Successful Recovery Even If You Have Complications: Practical Advice from a Patient by Alexis Dupree is a useful guide that provides practical advice from a patient’s point of view on how to prepare for and recover from knee replacement surgery, even if there are complications. The book discusses the key factors about knee replacement surgery, how to prepare for the surgery and recovery, how to adopt the right attitude, to do the right thing, and living with the new knee. There is no magical solution in this book about surviving and recovering from the surgery, but it helps one to prepare and recover.

The author handles the topic extensively and methodically and shows how the surgery has helped her to maintain a reasonable quality of life. It will encourage patients and keep them motivated before going for surgery. The book gives a lot of positive messages to patients and teaches them to be survivors and adopt the right attitude. The author’s personal advice and tips are helpful and can be tried out during the recovery phase. It is a must-have for all those who are planning to undergo knee replacement surgery, chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, and everyone dealing with a knee replacement patient. The techniques to take care of the body after surgery are helpful and will help patients live happily with their new knee. The book gives awareness and hope to all patients recovering from surgery and to all those who are going to have knee replacement surgery.

Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite

My Gifts Given Journal: So I Don’t Forget Which Presents I Gave

MyGiftsGivenJournal_CoverWebMy Gifts Given Journal: So I Don’t Forget Which Presents I Gave

How many times have you given presents to family or friends only to forget later what you gave them? Especially if you gave multiple gifts to kids for their birthdays or holidays and you don’t want to risk giving them the same things again.

This journal can help you keep track what gifts you gave, when you gave them, who you gave them to, whether they liked or disliked the gifts, and what comments you want to remember. You can also use the journal to plan what to give on future occasions. This journal can prevent you from making embarrassing mistakes.






My Gifts Received Journal: So I Don’t Forget Who Gave Me Which Present

How’s your memory? Do you remember who gave you a gift or what it was? You probably remember gifts your parents, spouse, kids, or other family members gave you. But for how long? A year? Two years? Five years?

What about gifts from friends, bosses, or coworkers? This journal lets you record gifts in one place so you can refresh your memory later.

If you are a re-gifter, this journal can save you from tremendous embarrassment!