DT's Twin 2 PortraitIsis thinks I should tell you who I am first off. I figure you found this page because you clicked on my name and you know who I am. Why would I tell you what you already know?

I will tell you this. My older sister thinks she knows everything. Like she’s the be all and end all of knowledge. Sometimes she gets tiresome.

Anyway, just to satisfy Isis, here are the facts. I’m Electra Morpheana Terra Firma, the Recorder. That’s my inherited job. It’s not a bad job. The bad part is the shape shifting–at least, the shape shifting that’s not under my control. I like shape shifting into living things, other than Vympyrym. I’m fascinated with shape shifting into objects.


I’m protesting so I’m only going to list some of these stats, and I’m not going to make them look just like Isis’ stats.

  • Age: 12.
  • Grade: 7th.
  • Favorite Subject: Math.
  • Height: 5 feet, 9 inches.
  • Hair Color: Dark red with three white streaks.
  • Eyes: Green.
  • Family: Granddad, Dad, Mom, identical twin sister Isis, twin brothers Shermy and Hermy, Aunt Epiderma, Aunt Eudora, Uncle Maxwell, and cousin Radcliffe.
  • Sport: Figure skating, basketball, softball.
  • Musical Instruments: Flute.
  • Interests: Figure skating, playing the flute, listening to music, playing softball.
  • Favorite Movie: Don’t have much time to see movies.
  • Goal: Shape shift into the Washington Monument and make it lean when people take the elevator to the top just to scare them.
  • What I’m Going to Do When I Grow Up: Journalist, win a gold medal for figure skating in the Olympics.