DT's Kelly PortraitBeing the best friend of the Recorder and good friends of the Wielder is bad, way bad. It’s like I was predestined to know them. How many guys have a best friend who can turn into a rat? Or, for that matter, into anything else? Then there’s the Wielder thing Isis does. So cool.

Electra’s not always happy about changing shapes. Like rats, which I understand. After all, no one likes the Vympyrym and, when she turns into a rat, she looks like one. But it is SO cool to be able to change into animals, snakes, lizards, trees, anything.


Isis and Electra got into a fight about this section. Isis insisted we each list important things about ourselves. Electra didn’t think it was necessary. Phoenix was all for it. I didn’t much care. Electra lost the fight. As for me, I’m doing what I want to do. Maybe I’ll add more later. Maybe not.

  • Age: 12
  • Grade: 7th
  • Height: 6 feet
  • Hair Color: Dark brown
  • Eyes: Green
  • Sport: Basketball
  • Musical Instruments: Guitar, piano
  • Interests: Art, sports, music, chess, science fiction, movies, anything military